Globetrotting Kids Movie Review: Inside Out


We went to see Inside Out and we LOVED IT! Warning: We've tried to not give too much away but there might be spoilers in our review.

Globetrotting Kids Movie Review: Inside Out2017-01-07T19:19:27-05:00

Globetrotting Kids: Dinosaur Provincial Park


Dinosaur Provincial Park is probably the best place in the world to go to if you want to find real dinosaur bones. I went with my family this summer and learned a lot.

Globetrotting Kids: Dinosaur Provincial Park2014-07-04T00:36:43-04:00

Globetrotting Kids: Going home


The whole trip meant a lot to us because we went to places that we never visited before ...

Globetrotting Kids: Going home2012-11-10T06:49:04-05:00

Top 10: Ethan Moments


Ethan is 10 today! He's a remarkable kid and throughout our year away together he proved it over and over again.

Top 10: Ethan Moments2012-11-10T06:32:52-05:00

Globetrotting Kids: ZMAR Eco Adventure


A few weeks ago in Portgugal we visited Zmar Eco Resort and Spa. We had a blast and made some new friends.

Globetrotting Kids: ZMAR Eco Adventure2012-11-10T06:52:40-05:00



A painted cloth board, two dozen bottle caps, a dozen grown men and us on a street in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. It's amazing what a shared experience can do.

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