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Bath Escape

Fact: Any place named “Bath” has  to be a great place to relax. A mix of old European architecture, small town charm, impressive museums and incredible restaurants, its one of those places that offers the possibility of both indulgent extravagance and minimalistic retreats. Bath, England did not disappoint. My trip was sandwiched in between two very different adventures in Belfast and Bristol, and so for me, Bath was an opportunity to slow my pace and stroll. Things to Do in Bath, England Planning a trip to Bath that is relaxing and enlightening?  Here are a few of the must-sees you should include in your itinerary. Eat Creative Cuisine Vegetarian treats I’m not a vegetarian but at the Acorn Vegetarian Kitchen, I considered making the switch. The simply appointed restaurant is just around the corner from the beautiful Bath Abbey and boasts vegetarian cuisine that is so full of flavour that you don’t miss the meat. www.acornrestaurant.co.uk The windows and door of The Ivy are adorned with gorgeous flowers.  Have your cameras ready before you even enter The Ivy Bath Brasserie. The incredible floral display around the doors and windows is a hint that you’re about to have an unforgettable experience….

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