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Why I “Twitter.”

It’s a question I get asked often. “Do you Twitter?” The proper verb is “tweet” so whenever I’m asked this question I can fairly accurately predict what’s coming next. “It’s such a waste of time! Who cares what someone had for lunch?” I get it. I do. I thought the same thing once. But let me ask you this: Do you email? Answer your phone? Take meetings? Chat with your neighbour? If so, the only difference between us is that I now have those very same conversations online and that I’m willing to have them with people I don’t know…yet. I wouldn’t ever tell someone they should get on Twitter, but I will share what it has done for me. On a professional level I’ve found story ideas, subjects to interview, unique stories to tell and been hired for jobs all through Twitter. On a personal level I’ve found connections I didn’t know I was missing, support I didn’t know I needed and new friends who feel like long lost ones. (It’s all going to make the acknowledgement section of my first book really, really complicated! :)) When we hit the skies in July on our Round-The-World trip I’ll have…

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Family Travel

Looking back, Looking Forward – 2010 in pictures

Celebrating 2010

With all the drama of planning a year away with the family, I almost forgot to look back at 2010! And that would’ve been a shame because while the year ahead has us filled with excitement, anticipation and stress, looking at  pictures of family travel in 2010 makes me laugh and smile and daydream. One of my goals here at Globetrotting Mama is to encourage you to get out there and see the world – with your own family when you can and through mine when you can’t. This time of year gives us all the  rare opportunity to pause from planning “what’s next” and to focus instead on all that we’ve already experienced and take the time to appreciate it. I’m grateful that my 2010 has included readers like you. Thank you for your support this year and all the best for 2011. Here are a few personal highlights from 2010.

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Deals and Destinations coming to Globetrotting Mama

We’ll be adding some features to Globetrotting Mama as we gear up to head out in …gulp…. 6.5 months! We know that a lot of you who are reading are travelers yourselves. In fact,  many of you email and ask me for help in sourcing the perfect destination or deals for travels with your children and without. I get plenty of information in but am often too swamped to get it all out to you individually. We’re solving that problem by adding a Deals section to the site. For now you’ll see deals popping up in our  main stream and expect information on great destinations to follow in the new year as well. Helping me keep it all together and getting it out to you in a timely manner is Kayla – the first Globetrotting Mama intern. Watch for her byline to appear on the site more often as well. Looking forward to providing you with more information you can use. If you score a deal let us know. We’d love to hear from you.

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