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Here’s to not “roughing it”

The Great OUtdoors

Tents. Bugs. Hostels with grungy teen neighbours who aren’t willing to spend money on soap. File that under “things I’m not interested in.” I’m not a “roughing it” kind of girl. Never have been. That doesn’t mean I need to stay in posh accomodations (why you got any?) but it does mean that it would take some real persuasion to get me out into the wild, communing with nature on a 24 hr basis. I’m not a camper (a la tent) but I would do an RV and I love a good s’more. I’ve got mixed feelings about zoos, love safaris and have no interest in sleeping out in an area where racoons or other critters might roam. If it’s cold I’d prefer inside please. (Part of the reason for our round the world trip is to avoid winter altogether if possible.) I also fully support roaring fires. Ish and the boys? That’s another story. This summer they spent a few nights sleeping…wait for it….outside. Yup. Full on tent on the ground. And if given the opportunity they will opt for outside over in, snow play over mug of hot chocolate and walking in the rain over staying warm and…

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Airport lust

JetBlue Terminal 5

How did I not know about Terminal 5 at JFK? I mean I knew that Jet Blue was being hubbed at the new terminal and I briefly passed through the terminal on route to the Atlantis resort with Ethan earlier this year but since I hate connecting flights and avoid long layovers if possible, my recent trip from Buffalo to Las Vegas was the first trip where I really had some time to look around. So I did. And I LOVE it. Seriously, if it were single and I were single….well you know what I mean. It is everything an airport should be. I’m not overstating this. Take a look: And when I leave the terminal I board a Jet Blue flight where I’m offered a drink and a snack (Terra Blue Chips! Yum!) and the airline staff are nice and friendly along the way? What? Have I entered the twilight zone? So worth the drive to Buffalo.

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Family Travel Redefined

with mom nyc

I was pregnant with Ethan when I wrote my first family travel story about a spa for pregnant women in Dallas, Texas for The Toronto Star. The story ran on the front page of the section and the editor at the time asked me if I’d like to write a regular column as a result of it. I was clear with him that while I’d love to, I didn’t want to focus strictly on family travel. I didn’t want to be labeled. He agreed and for the last eight years I’ve written an assortment of articles all of which I hope have told fantastic stories about the people, places and things that you discover when you travel.  Many of them have been traditional family travel stories (i.e. me + kid)  but the fact that they were about family was secondary to the fact that I felt there was a great story to tell. Fast forward to last Thursday when my first official “family travel column” and “family travel deals” columns appeared in the print edition of The Toronto Star. Between those columns, my ongoing work with Best Family Travel Advice, My monthly travel columns for urbanmoms.ca, my stories in Canadian…

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