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A Mexican Couples Getaway

If it’s a couples or girlfriend’s getaway you’re seeking Ixtapan Spa Hotel and Golf Resort is offering two special packages. The first package offers a stay of 7 nights in a double for $999 or $1182 for a single room. The second is a 4 night package at $655 for a double or at $750 for a single room. Both packages include all meals, fitness, yoga, zumba, stretch, aqua and salsa, aerobics classes, guided walks and daily organic spa services. The hotel will also provide individual private transfers to and from local airports. All prices in $U.S. To book your reservations call 1-800-ITAPAN or visit www.spamexico.com

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Move Over Movember….no seriously move along

My husband was a handsome man. A morning kiss felt like satin on my skin until sometime in mid-October when he started the “test runs”. And now his chiseled beacon is a sandpapery mess. His heart was in the right place.  In an effort to raise awareness for Prostate Cancer – a disease that has touched both our lives – he wanted to join thousands of others in growing a mustache for the month of November. I fully support the cause. In fact, raising money for different organizations is one of the things we’ve been discussing in preparation for our round the world family  trip. And teaching our kids that small things done at home can make a big difference when lots of people do them, is a lesson we both support. The problem? His is not a mustache-wearing face. Never has been. The pain that his Mo has inflicted on our family is measurable. The kids are tentative when they lean in for a goodnight nuzzle, always aware that one wrong move could leave them scarred for life. I alternate between trying not to make eye contact (who can talk to a man who looks like an over tanned cross…

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Burger Bliss: Part 2

Bliss at Burger Lounge

Back from a whirlwind trip to San Diego where I managed to connect with dozens of Black journalists from across the United States and Canada. It was a fantastic experience that brought me plenty of ideas about what I’d like to do with Globetrotting Mama and our family’s trip around the world in 2011-2012. It also brought be back to this: The Burger Lounge – this time in Little Italy – didn’t disappoint. And though my brother was missing. I was lucky enough to bring @pepperstreetpr with me for her first Burger Lounge experience. The verdict: “Oh wow.” Told you so. But since you all couldn’t be here and a picture is worth 1,000 words, here’s the recap:

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