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Creams and gels and bath salts, oh my….

One of my favourite things about traveling? Hotel rooms. If I could wiggle my nose  like Samantha in Bewitched and wake up in a hotel room without the hassle of people who don’t know how to share an armrest  and security personnel who view my fruit cup as a security threat, I’d be a happier girl. Happier still if we could skip the airport and drop me directly in the hotel. Fill it with free wi-fi and local calling, add a cool turn-down trinket and call me in the morning. Early in my career I was a hotel toiletry hoarder. At the end of any hotel visit you could assume  that I would be heading home with enough shampoos, conditioners, creams and soaps to keep a small country of really dirty people busy for a long time. After my drawers began to overflow with the stuff, and a gratifying donation to a women’s shelters put me back at square one,  I started to be more picky. Only certain brands made it across the threshold. Aveda? Conditioner yes. Shampoo no. L’Occitane? Almost always yes. And then I bumped into June Jacobs’ products and was blown away. I would just about clap…

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