#GlobeTrotWed : Samode, India


I took her photo and when I showed it to her, she smiled so brightly I had tears. I wish I'd taken another. #GlobeTrotWed

#GlobeTrotWed : Samode, India2015-02-25T07:44:38-05:00

Aha Moment in India – #Blogust


We are the same. All of us. Our desires. Our fears. We love our children. We worry for them. We want them safe at all times. And sometimes that desire to protect becomes so overwhelming that we forget that on the other side of the world there is a mother trying to do exactly the same with a completely opposite package of information or access.

Aha Moment in India – #Blogust2022-03-01T20:52:23-05:00

Farewell to India


What a ride. Somewhere between week three and week four I forgot I was visiting. Somewhere between week four and week five I forgot I’d have to leave. But here we are. Six weeks later.

Farewell to India2012-11-10T07:18:56-05:00



We talked about pacifists and living with passion and standing up for what you believe in. And I told them that we’d learn even more about him because we were to visit India where he lived and worked. But I’m not sure I ever told them he was dead.

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