#GlobeTrotWed: Alberta, Canada


We never know what will resonate with our kids, do we? Or what moment will forever transform them? #globetrotWed

#GlobeTrotWed: Alberta, Canada2015-03-11T06:36:50-04:00

#GlobeTrotWed: Peru


It was our first big international trip with the boys and served as a tester for the big around the world trip

#GlobeTrotWed: Peru2015-02-18T07:48:07-05:00

Universal Orlando: Wizarding World of Harry Potter


When I planned our trip to Universal Studios with the kids there was one area of the park that reigned supreme in my mind – The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Universal Orlando: Wizarding World of Harry Potter2015-01-26T17:48:20-05:00

Parenting: Lifetime Love and The myth of “18 Summers”


Have you heard the myth of "18 summers?" It's the amount of time you'll hear some parents talk about in relation to raising their kids; as in "We've only got 18 summers with them before they're off on their own" I don't buy it.

Parenting: Lifetime Love and The myth of “18 Summers”2017-12-17T13:54:11-05:00

Globetrotting Kids: Dinosaur Provincial Park


Dinosaur Provincial Park is probably the best place in the world to go to if you want to find real dinosaur bones. I went with my family this summer and learned a lot.

Globetrotting Kids: Dinosaur Provincial Park2014-07-04T00:36:43-04:00

The Middle East


The Middle East wasn't originally on our list of places to visit on this trip but funny where a trip around the world will take you.

The Middle East2012-11-10T06:36:33-05:00
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