Motherhood can mean Your New Beginning too


Did you know that my kids literally were the reason my travel writing career started? If not for motherhood, it might never have happened.

Motherhood can mean Your New Beginning too2018-11-26T13:27:51-05:00

Family Travel: A Teen Perspective Proves It’s Worth It


The Lessons Travel Taught 13-year old Cameron Davis are lessons we could all stand to learn. The teenage,r who has been traveling with his family since he was a baby, shares a few in his new article for Intrepid Travel.

Family Travel: A Teen Perspective Proves It’s Worth It2018-11-26T16:51:15-05:00

Find your YOLO travel spirit


Every single time we hit the road this year we came home smiling. There were bumps, there always are, but the net effect of heading out with the family and friends was always the same...Joy. Choosing a philosophy of YOLO travel has yet to fail us.

Find your YOLO travel spirit2016-01-23T15:09:56-05:00

I’m not Brave


There is a common misconception floating around that big life changes require incredible acts of bravery. It's not true.

I’m not Brave2015-12-03T13:37:05-05:00

Happy “Just Today” to you


We're in a lull here, people. We've got a few good weeks until the Easter Egg madness begins to beg for our attention. Make the most of today.

Happy “Just Today” to you2015-03-15T07:19:53-04:00

#GlobeTrotWed: Alberta, Canada


We never know what will resonate with our kids, do we? Or what moment will forever transform them? #globetrotWed

#GlobeTrotWed: Alberta, Canada2015-03-11T06:36:50-04:00

How to make friends when you travel


I have a bit of a reputation for making friends on trips. Sharing some of my tried and true methods in this post.

How to make friends when you travel2015-11-13T10:35:44-05:00
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