Why the Evil Still Matters


I was sipping and browsing the web and reading blogs and conference sites and that's when it happened: Karen Green made me cry.

Why the Evil Still Matters2022-03-02T20:10:40-05:00

Finding our way (at) home


We're home and trying to come to grips with a new reality. One that looks like something we used to know and yet feels very, very different.

Finding our way (at) home2012-11-10T06:33:12-05:00

10 Days


That's all that's left in this trip that was a year long but really supposed to last forever...10 days.

10 Days2012-11-10T06:33:41-05:00

Mother’s Day


A mother's love is everything. Here's hoping we always remember how good it is to give and receive it.

Mother’s Day2012-11-10T06:35:14-05:00

Awake in Seville


Our love affair with Portugal continues ....a little too long.

Awake in Seville2012-11-10T06:36:16-05:00

The last 100 days


100 days. That's it. And by the time you read this we won't have even that.

The last 100 days2012-11-10T06:37:40-05:00
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