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Travel Deals and Destinations: South of the Border Escapes for Canadians

South of the Border Escapes for Canadians

This week I’m at the New York Times Travel Show in NYC. And while I love New York (just like the slogan!) it’s no beach vacation! Once I wrap this up it’ll be time to start warm weather destination dreaming all over again. My fellow Canadians, these hot deals are for you. Beachfront in Miami While our temperatures have been dropping, the rates at Miami’s Room Mate Hotels have been dropping too. If Florida is calling you, enjoy 15% off your room at Room Mate Lord Balfour and Room Mate Waldorf Towers on Ocean Drive in South Beach. Both properties offer convenient locations and breakfast until noon for those who love to sleep in. Rates at the Lord Balfour start as low as $169 per night in January, $145 with the additional discount. Rates at Waldorf Towers start as low as $152 per night in January, $130 with the additional discount. Use code WARMWINTER at checkout on RoomMateHotels.com. See the website for restrictions. Loonie Love in Scottsdale Scottsdale, Arizona is showing the love to Canadian travellers right now and inviting you to experience some of what the city has to offer (including warm temperatures and world-class amenities, resorts and outdoor…

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How to torture a Traveller: Take their passport

Travel isn’t a hobby for me; it’s a passion. I know how lucky I am to live where I do and to have the opportunities for travel that my chosen profession provides. I know my Aeroplan number and my passport number by heart. I  can site my family’s passport expiration dates on request. I can fill out customs forms in under 60 seconds and if called upon I can be ready to go on a trip within an hour. I know its geeky but it’s who I am. I love my passport. This one especially! We clocked a year of incredible places in this one. There are visas for China and Vietnam and India and stamps from the panda sanctuary in Chengdu, Macchu Picchu and the Great Wall of China. So you can imagine my frustration and fear  when I realized that my passport was set to expire in April. I held off as long as I could – taking one more trip to Miami this month – before heading down to the Passport office to renew. And that’s when I just about lost my mind. The passport office is designed to drive a travel junkie crazy. It’s a clear…

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