How to Talk to Your Kids about Race and Racism


Don't underestimate what your kids are watching, seeing, hearing and learning. The time to talk to them about race and racism is now. Here's how to start.

How to Talk to Your Kids about Race and Racism2021-01-03T08:27:58-05:00

Our Favourite Posts from 2016


December always brings the temptation to look back at some of our posts in 2016. A few stand out because they share exciting news, explore a destination we have loved or encourage travel in a unique way. As we round out the year, no matter what it meant to you, we hope you will take a moment to reflect on your own year and enjoy a quick peek back with us at ours.

Our Favourite Posts from 20162016-12-09T12:26:56-05:00

Adventure Travel Deals and Destinations


If you are the adventure-seeking traveller then you will want to take a look at our list of ultimate vacation packages for the thrill-seeker. Trek with camels in Morocco, climb Kilimanjaro or ski Banff - we’ve rounded up 5 adventure-seeking travel ideas.

Adventure Travel Deals and Destinations2016-11-10T14:15:41-05:00

Have you Heard Our Big News!?


We are sharing something exciting on the blog today. What's new with Globetrotting Mama? Click to read and find out!!

Have you Heard Our Big News!?2016-09-07T16:21:11-04:00

Where In the World is Heather? Some of My Latest Adventures in Words


The biggest non-secret: I love travel. I always have. Second biggest: I love writing. Always have. And yet, the thought that I could combine the two into a career only occurred to me about 14 years ago. I love sharing with all of you my thoughts and experiences. Here are some of the latest making their way around the web, social newsprint and more.

Where In the World is Heather? Some of My Latest Adventures in Words2016-04-13T15:27:12-04:00
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