Trailer Park Treasures


We fell in love with New Zealand's holiday parks and the communities within them. For a few days at a time it felt like we were a part of a community in a space we could call our own

Trailer Park Treasures2022-03-02T20:10:13-05:00

Getting our Haka on in New Zealand


There's luck and there's timing and landing in New Zealand during the run-up to the finals game for World Cup Rugby meant we had a generous heap of both.

Getting our Haka on in New Zealand2012-11-10T20:31:14-05:00

Sometimes it rains


It rained today. Yesterday too. Big drops that smash when they hit the windshield and the crack of lightening to match.

Sometimes it rains2012-11-10T20:31:41-05:00
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