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MiniTime: New Family Vacation Planning Site

What’s the hardest thing about planning a family trip? Trying to figure out where you can go with your 6-year old who hates to walk, your 12-your old who has a thing for dragons and your 14 year old who is smitten with Justin Bieber . How do you find a spot where you can be reasonably sure that all of them can have a good time? If only there were a way to find out what a family just like yours did and enjoyed on their vacation? You could  turn to the internet and spend countless hours searching for a stroller accessible, medieval castle with Bieber ties,  or you could try your luck with “Minitime,”a new vacation site aimed squarely at families who travel. In a nutshell, MiniTime’s approach is to show you – through their online portal –  traveling families that have families that are similar to yours so that when you get a review of a family friendly attraction or hotel,  you’ll know that “other 6 year olds loved it too” or that “you might want to do this one with only the tweens.” It focuses on hotels and attractions  and if when filling out your profile you…

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