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Don’t lose your children when you travel

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The tricky thing about family travel is that there seems to be some expectation that you won’t only take the kids with you on that fabulous adventure but bring them back as well! A bit presumptuous if you ask me. Somehow it’s not enough that you forked out the airfare and gave them a great trip? Now, you’re expected to bring them home too?!?  ;) Here are a few way to make sure you don’t lose the little ones while you travel: 1. Start the rules about staying close long before you’re walking through that crowded Thai market: My boys were 6 and 8 when we left for the around the world trip. They were just big enough that holding hands to cross the street was a fading affair, but before we left we explained to them that hand-holding would be making a comeback while we travelled. We assured them it wasn’t a reflection of our trust in them but of our lack of trust in our new surroundings. Often what might start out as hand-holding would loosen as we got more comfortable to shirt-tail holding, back jean pocket holding and sometimes, to just having a hand on a cart….

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