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Wondering what happens at a Ritz Carlton “Kids Club?”

Environmental Wonder

I recently wrote about my experience at the Ritz Carlton in Grand Cayman for The Toronto Star. I was invited to bring my son, 8,  down for a morning of activities at the Ambassadors of the Environment – the Ritz Carlton’s Kids Club –  in Grand Cayman, I was surprised to find a very serious eco-focused program. Among the program options is “Lights, Cameras, Action” where kids become the directors and stars of a movie that is meant to educate others about the environment. Ethan’s class at home is studying endangered species this year so he opted to focus on the Blue Iguana. This was the finished product:

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The Best Family Travel Souvenirs

Peru Mom

The temptation to pick up a trinket every time you leave home is strong. The “what-didja-bring-mes” that used to greet me as soon as I walked through the door are a testament to years of me doing exactly that. Then I stopped and started focusing on memories instead. Sometimes the memories live in a tangible object. There’s the mask we bought from the carver after asking our guide to take us up into a less touristy part of Thailand, the hats we paid too much for in Peru because we saw the babies the money would help to feed and the schoolchildren who would read because of it. There’s the 2 x 3 framed carving I brought back from south Africa in the days when carry-on sizes were unlimited (ah the good ol’ days). I saw it and knew I had to have it because the child on the dad’s shoulders in the carving so reminded me of my husband and son doing the same back at home. Each one of those items was purchased because they held meaning for me at a particular moment in my life. They still do. When I walk through my home I relive those…

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