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Travel Tips for Large Families

Published On Tue Jun 01 2010 The Toronto Star Heather Greenwood Davis/For the Toronto Star Beaches Italian Village Suites in the Turks and Caicos offers up plenty of room for families of all sizes. By Heather Greenwood Davis Big family, less options? I’ve only got two kids so it wasn’t a problem that immediately occurred to me, but a few years ago my neighbours who already had a daughter had twins when they were banking on a single. It was all good until they went to book a trip. Turns out some hotels and cruise lines are working on a four-is-a-family rule that means this family of five would have to buy a second room to accommodate their plus-1 brood. The cost, debate (who was going to sleep in the second room?) and headache weren’t worth it so they – gasp – skipped the trip! We only have two. It works for us. I never wanted to be outnumbered by little people and this way the hubster and I can unite forces against them and have a 50/50 chance of gaining the remote in a battle. (Who am I fooling? It’s always three against one.) But what if we’d decided…

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