“In 2017, we shot a series of travel videos on location in New Zealand where her work ethic and enthusiasm impressed both the crew and the Kiwis. It was a delight to work with her as she enlivened the long days of production with her passion and humor – skills that would serve her well should she decide to enter the classroom as an instructor. I know because her lectures in my classes were both instructive and inspired. I wholeheartedly endorse her expertise in travel and the talent she brings wherever she goes.”

Andrew Nelson, Editorial Director and Former Director of Editorial Projects,
National Geographic

“It’s no surprise that Heather’s stories and words have earned international awards and accolades. Not only do they transport the reader to another place and time, they often challenge your assumptions of a destination and its inhabitants, and uncover the unexpected. One of the things that I admire most about Heather is her use of storytelling to champion diversity and inclusion — giving voice and visibility to communities that aren’t often heard or seen in mainstream media. Her narratives invite readers to explore beneath the surface of a locale and reveal stories of impact, meaning and purpose. What her awards don’t always capture is Heather as an individual. Aside from her talent, #HappyHeather is human, honest and one of the most genuine people I know. Her charisma and charm capture the attention of editors, writers, PRs and industry peers, and she’s incredibly generous with her time, smarts and heart. I always leave our conversations feeling inspired and hopeful.”

Timothy Chan
Senior Communications Strategist, Storyteller & Servant Leader

“Heather is one of the most professional, hard-working journalists in the business today. I have known her personally and professional for many years, and she is always the first person I turn to when I have a new client story. Her talent for storytelling is a breath of fresh air whether she is in Europe, Australia or the Caribbean. I recently traveled with Heather to a small Caribbean island and she saw the hotel and destination through a lens that was much clearer than mine. I also work with Heather on the advisory board for the Family Travel Association and she has helped drive the success of the FTA’s media center and the association overall. I follow all of Heather’s travels, and I only wish I could join her on more of them!”

Laura Davidson
President, LDPR I Travel + Lifestyle Brands I Industry Speaker I Intrepid Traveler

“Heather was one of the speakers who shared her insight and experience with the moms at our Life With A Baby #ManagingTheMotherload event. Her tales of travelling with her family inspired everyone in the audience. She is a natural speaker and storyteller who immersed us into her world by sharing tidbits of her life with us.

As an event planner, I appreciated her prompt responses to my emails and requests. Her speediness made my job easier and enabled me to be more efficient. As a mom and a travel lover, I loved the adventures she shared about travelling with her lovely family. I hope to be working with her again real soon!”

Winnie Ng
Event & Design Manager

“This world traveler not only pulled off what many only dream of, spending a year traveling the world, she did it with her husband and two kids! Heather’s energy and personality come through in her writing, speaking and on camera work. She is a talented storyteller and has fantastic travel advice. I enjoy working with Heather on projects and better yet traveling with her. I could not have been more proud to see her fantastic article in O Magazine. Yes, she’s that good!”

Maureen Dennis
Media Spokesperson | Lifestyle & Parenting | Canada | USA

“I’ve been lucky enough to work with Heather on numerous travel articles over the years. She’s an exceptionally talented storyteller. What stands out most in Heather’s stories is how much she truly cares about the people and places she writes about. She’s a dream to work with!”

Isabel MacDougall
Media Relations Officer at Tourism PEIMedia Relations Officer at Tourism PEI

“I had the pleasure of hearing Heather speak at a recent conference. I was very inspired by her story and perspective of the tourism industry. She engaged her audience effectively with meaningful and thought-provoking questions. She was by far the best presenter at the conference.

I reached out to Heather to ask if she would be willing to engage with my hospitality & tourism students during this fall semester. She agreed and even with her extensive schedule she attended a lively Q&A session with my students and greatly inspired the next generation of tourism professionals. Thank you Heather!”

Krista Mask
Learning Every Day

“Earlier this year we were planning for an online event for Ottawa Tourism, for our Travel Trade Members and Clients. For this Networking Social, we needed a dynamic Key Note Speaker to draw the interest of possible attendees and to deliver an informative presentation. Heather Greenwood Davis was a perfect choice and she was amazing to work with.”

Kelly Dean
Director, Travel Trade at Ottawa Tourism

“There are professionals and then there is Heather. I’ve had the opportunity to work with Heather in the earned space as well as through a branded content partnership and what a delight she is to work with! She is incredibly sincere, inquisitive, and down-to-earth which translates into her work beautifully. An observant and hard-working journalist, Heather connects with people to find the best story and is able to then share those experiences with readers in relatable ways. Her commitment to her craft coupled with her love for travel, family, and life make her a dream to work with. Plus she’s just plain fun to be around!”

Brittany Rossi
Integrated Brand Marketer | Insights-Driven Storyteller | Empathetic Leader