For months I’ve been telling you all about my sons Ethan (8) and Cameron (6) and you can be sure that going forward you’ll hear a lot more. As I’ve said, Ish and I always talked about traveling the world together but having these two boys upped the ante. Now, not only would we have the chance to see the world, we’d have the privilege of watching our two sons experience it as well. It’s our hope that what they see and hear on this trip will affect the way they live their lives.

And so, while I’ll continue to include them in my reports back to you, you’ll also hear their thoughts straight from the horse’s mouth. If you (or your kids) have questions for the boys send them along. I know they’d love to get the mail. Post them in the comments below or email them at [email protected]

Without further ado.. the Globetrotting Kids. (all spelling mistakes and grammar misses are their own.;))

Hello. Our names are Ethan and Cameron and this is what we did so far. So we went to a chocolate store and to the forks. We did see how they made their chocolate. We saw some of the pow wow and we played in the Manitoba Kids Museum. We are in Winnipeg Manitoba saying hello :-) !!

Here are a few pictures:

trolley mantioba

We had a peek in this trolley museum on our way to The Forks

Crazy Cameron

Cameron is so crazy.

more crazy Cameron

More crazy Cameron

slide at children's museum


canada day dune buggy

Happy Canada Day (and happy birthday to my friend Nicholas D.)

fishing shore

We went fishing!

Mahatma Gandhi

In front of the Canadian Museum of Human Rights we saw this statue of Mahatma Gandhi


Grizzly Bear at Forks

Hanging with a grizzly bear

Assiniboine Park

We played in this park. It is very cool.


statue Cameron

Even more crazy Cameron :)

flag pocket