In 2011, I took a trip around the world with my husband and kids. You probably already knew that.elephant family

But did you know that before I took that trip, I was terrified about what lay ahead? Or that before that, I had to come to terms with my own fears about changing careers and leaving a lucrative position as a lawyer to follow a passion? Or that I was once so distraught about not getting a position at a newspaper that I almost gave up?

Maybe, you did, but chances are high that there are parts of my story that are unfamiliar to you. Pieces you missed because of where and when we met and who we each were when that happened.
I’m lucky because I’m often given the chance to reflect on how I got to this point in my life. I’m often asked to tell my own story.

The Power of Your Own Voice

Today, I had the pleasure of doing exactly that with Julie Cusmariu on her podcast, Julie in Conversation. You can listen to our conversation, which touches on everything from my career switch to my parenting style, below.

Listen to “Heather Greenwood Davis on raising global citizens, traveling the globe and motherhood” on Spreaker.

Most people don’t taie the chance to reflect as often as I do,  but that shouldn’t stop you from sharing your story anyway.

Every Story Has Value

Me. Telling my story to a reporter in New Zealand last week..and, apparently,  licking my lips while I do it.

The importance of telling your story isn’t about the size of the audience who hears it.  (Heck, you can say it out loud to the mirror if you need to.) What’s important is that every time you share it, it’s a reminder that you’ve lived it and that it has value.
It’s an opportunity to peer back at moments you’ve moved past, either because you are embarrassed that they happened or because you forgot them once you overcame them.

It’s where you can see that time where you fell – in your career path, your parenting skills, your love life, your real life – and got up again; it’s where you’ll remember how you once soared higher than you’d thought possible or lived the dream that seemed unattainable. Telling your story is a chance for perspective. And there’s real value in that.
Because if you could get up once, you can get up again.

laughing mud colombia
Stories are reminders of the moments we waved our comfort zones goodbye and opted for memories instead.

I tell my story often – publicly and privately – and, I highly recommend it.

If all you’re waiting for is a safe space to start, the comments section is below.

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