100 days.

Great Wall China child

Great Wall of China

That’s it.

And by the time you read this we won’t even have that.

Australia cook

Cooking on Hayman Island

In less than 100 days we’ll be home.

We talked about that idea as a family a few days ago and in many ways we’re torn. We are loving this trip.

washing elephants thailand


Everything about it has been incredible: The people we’ve met and the places we’ve been;

masai and child kenya

Masai Mara, Kenya

the way we’ve worked together as a family to overcome tough situations and the way we’ve laughed and loved harder than ever before.

Gandhi children India


In so many ways it is hard to believe that a big part of our experience – the traveling that has pushed us to rely more on each other –  will be over in 100 days.

egypt pharoah family


The way I see it we’ve got two choices, we can start the countdown to home or we can make these last 100 days every bit as incredible, inspiring, educational and exciting as the others have been.

Orphanage Shanghai

We vote for the latter.

And so we’re taking these last 100 days to do what calls us: No firm plans, no set dates. We’ll move as we feel like and as the flights and hotel rates allow.

camels india


We know the big picture.  Time in the Middle east and Europe. Stops in the U.S. and Eastern Canada but which cities or for how long remains to be seen.

malaysia beach


We’ll live out the rest of this amazing time together and take it as it comes.  We’ve got no regrets for choosing this year and we have no intention of creating any now.


Glaciers family new zealand

New Zealand

 If you had 100 days where would you spend them?