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Not all of us are cut out to drive a Segway

Among the bits of useless trivia that you may have in your Greenwood Davis arsenal? About 6 months ago I fell off a segway.

Yup. That was me.

I had been on a press trip and after a short period of instruction and a long, fun weekend that included late nights, great wine and fantastic company I jumped at the chance to do a Segway tour.

How hard could it be?

The answer: Hard enough.

Riding a Segway requires you to have some hip dexterity and a good sense of balance. I have little of the first and less of the second.

It ended with a horrific bang, a broken shoulder, rehab stints that continue to this day and laughter that could be heard around the twitterverse.

“Who..” people asked between guffaws and belly shakes, “falls off a Segway?!!?”

I plead my case and told them that it was tricky, that  I was going at 12 miles an hour, around a curve!

The laughter only got louder. And then people sent the pictures of George Bush (Jr. and Sr.) taking Segway spills.

I was as co-ordinated as the USA’s most bumbling Presidents. It was sad and depressing and I was determined to get back on the horse one day and restore my self-respect.

Until today.

Today the owner of the firm that owns Segway died in a Segway crash.

Told you so.