It is fascinating to track the rise of trends, and to see how they can impact the choices we make in our own lives. Are you affected by trends in the travel world? Or do you find trendy destinations or experiences are the exact opposite of what you want for yourself? Whether to inspire, or challenge you, it can be interesting to see what’s hot when it comes to world destinations and experiences. Here’s what seems to be percolating in travel circles for 2017.

Three Travel Trends to Watch for in 2017

Wellness Experiences Are All the Rage

We are becoming more attuned to healthy, mindful living, perhaps as a byproduct of living in such a hyper-connected world. The opposite effect of constant connection is the desire to unplug and unwind. This has sent many people in search of wellness-inspired vacations that don’t just include a trip to the spa, but are perceived from head-to-toe as detoxifying and rejuvenating experiences. Word is that the “wellness” angle will be one taken up by many destination marketing agencies when promoting a particular region of the world.

Families Are Seeking More Cultural Experiences

A study presented recently at the Family Travel Association summit showed that over half of parents want to expose their children to new cultures. As a family that has travelled the world, we can say that opening our children’s eyes to new ways of life and broadening their exposure to new experiences is a gift we truly believe in. We hope this sees many more families choosing culturally distinct experiences, and travelling further from “home” to really give their children (and themselves) a greater appreciation for diversity. And if time or money is keeping you from travelling far, simply seek out those experiences where you live through another culture’s food or public space cultural offerings. Never miss an opportunity to learn about someone new.

Jump On Board a River Cruise

We are just stepping off our own river cruise and I am excited that this mode of travel is experiencing more buzz lately. More intimate than an ocean cruise, with more opportunity to get to know your fellow travellers, the river cruise offers the excitement of being on water, travelling to different ports and the chance to see land from a totally different perspective. Long an experience that skewed more to the retired set, more and more companies are opening up the opportunity to families. The AMA Waterways cruise I was just on along the River Danube hosted a trip with Disney Adventures right after ours!

What travel trends have you been experiencing lately? Time will tell what’s hot for 2017, but we’d love to hear what you are looking forward to on your own travel bucket list.