We have been stopped in airports, questioned in a hotel lobby and given a thumbs up from people whose language we can’t speak – all because of our hats.

tilley arrive argentina

late night hair's best friend

As the most recognizable member of the Tilley Endurables team, even I knew about the hats long before I owned one.

And it was the last piece of clothing I was interested in when we made a trip into the Tilley store ahead of our Round the World Adventure.

It wasn’t personal, it was just that the hats always made me think of Safari travel and since our trip was going to be way more than that , with Stops in North America, South America, Australia and more ahead of our African destinations, it just never occurred to me to get a hat.

Banff Gondola Family

Notice that the three people smiling have their hats on

And so when Ish and I spent a day in the Toronto headquarters wandering from rack to rack to pick out the clothes that Tilley would be having us try out on our trip, I ignored the back wall.

I marvelled over the fit of the jeans, loved the shape of the jackets and even agreed to try out a white shirt which I confidently told the clerk I probably would never wear because it was white and kinda fancy – and now wear all the time.

On Iguana island

And 6 weeks after leaving Toronto what is the item that I have worn the most? The hat.

Working hatI wear it almost daily – especially now that it’s been weeks since I’ve seen a hair stylist.

Mindo TilleyThere is something about the fit that works for me. It has kept out the rain and the sun, hidden my hair from unsuspecting cameras and been the thing I easily roll up in my totebag “just in case.”

And it’s not just me.

Curious to see if I was alone I checked out their Facebook page and it turns out there are a lot of Tilley lovers out there who won’t leave home without theirs either.

And  the boys have all had their Tilley compliments roll in.

tilley canoeI like that I can spot my boys immediately in their matching hats. And Ish has been known to start a conversation in the airport with “Hey, Is that a Tilley?”

Brothers in Tilley

I know there will be some of you rolling your eyes at this post. Tilley? For a young, hipster? Pffftttt. But I’m telling you  with more than 50 styles and colours to choose from it’ll only take one trip into the store  and one good wear on your next trip for you to become a Tilley believer.

And when you do, I’ll expect a tip of your highly fashionable hat in my direction.

Disclosure: Tilley Endurables provided Ish and I with clothing and hats to try out on our trip free of cost. The opinions are all honest and my own with no promise to anyone of  positive promotion.