It’s Cameron’s turn for the birthday treatment. My charming little guy turns 8 today plus he’s my 2nd child which means I can still get away with a top 10 list! (See how I did that? Brilliant I tell you.:)

Here’s 10 of my favourite things about  Cameron showcased with photos from our year of travel together.

Happy Birthday Cammy D.

1. He’s  smart

Smart Cam

He’s smart. So smart. Books and streets. You can’t fool this kid; he knows how to work Google

sherlock cam

He’s curious about everything.

2. He’s funny

Always has been. He loves to laugh and has one of those giggles that is infectious.  Hearing him laugh in the morning can keep me smiling all day long.

find the cam

beach cam

3. He’s a phenomenal athlete.

Scouts: You need to watch this kid. He hasn’t met a sport he can’t conquer and when he’s in the water he’s a fish.

underwater bros

flipping Cam

You don’t know how deep the water is? You don’t know what’s in it? Perfect place to dive in head first. That’s my Cam



4. He loves to cook

At every lesson we took during our travels Cam was front and centre.  He asked questions about what we were doing and then was first in line as taste tester.

thai cooking cam


5. He loves animals

No matter how big. No matter how bad their breath is.

sea lion cam

6. He does NOT lack personality

chef cam china cam


7. He makes my firstborn part of a dynamic duo

I love what he brings to their relationship. Ying and Yang those two.

dynamic duo

He joined forces with my first born to create a dynamic duo.

8. He’s a lover not a fighter

If you’re smaller than him, he’s there for you. If you need help, he’s your guy. I’ve seen him walk away from a group of friends to make sure someone else was included too. He’s a kind soul.

orphanage cam

9. He wears his heart on his sleeve

This kid has no poker face. If he’s happy, you see it. If he’s surprised, you see it. And on those rare occasions when he is worried or concerned that’s there too.


emotion cam



10.  The Kid Can’t take a bad picture

Bad for a mom trying to choose 10 for a post but fantastic for memory keeping. ;)indian prince cam


Cam smile


To meet him is to love him. Happy Birthday baby boy. You make our lives better. xo

Cam beach

Running towards an amazing life