Jumping for Joy

2018 is just around the corner and now is the time to book your New Year’s travel plans. Where do you want to be to enjoy those last sweet moments of 2017, and the first promising minutes of a brand new year? Cuddled and cozy with your sweetheart? Having a raucous good time with friends – new and old? Or enjoying quality time with family? Here is a list to inspire you and to help you choose your ideal New Year’s travel experience.


For cozying up with your sweetheart

The place: St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada

The experience: Stay in a warm bed and breakfast and spend the day exploring the city of St. John’s including Signal Hill, a national historic site and popular attraction in St. John’s. Step back in time with a hike around this site that provided harbour protection from the 17th Century to the Second World War. (It is also the site Guglielmo Marconi received the world’s first transatlantic wireless message in 1901!) Learn more.

At night, attend a New Year’s Eve party at a local haunt: The Granite Bar and Restaurant offers a four course meal and dancing. Stay late for the entertainment, or head back to your room early to ring in the New Year without the crowds.

The place: A Paris river cruise

The experience: Head to the world’s most romantic destination and take to the water for a stunning dinner cruise around Paris. You and your partner will cruise down the River Seine and enjoy a three course dinner under the twinking lights of Paris. This is a 1.5 hour cruise and includes a half-bottle of champagne to help you ring in the New Year. Learn more.


For a raucous good time with friends

The place: Reykjavik, Iceland

The experience: The town of Reykjavik comes together to ring in the New Year and you can join the traditional experiences. The people of Reykjavik typically begin the night with a delicious family dinner, which is followed by a neighbourhood bonfire. Go back to your room as residents retire to their televisions to watch Áramótaskaup – a comedy show that satirizes the year’s events and news. Then watch as the skies light up with fireworks in an impressive display completely orchestrated by the residents. Learn more.

The place: Las Vegas, United States of America

The experience: You and your friends can plan any number of Vegas experiences for New Year’s Eve from the traditional play and win at a casino to taking in a show or joining one of a number of parties around town, including a fireworks display. This is where the entertainment-seekers gather for the last thrilling moments of 2017, and to set the right tone for a fun 2018. Celebrity shows to watch include Britney Spears, Celine Dion and David Copperfield. It’s late but you don’t have to go home yet; after midnight hit a 24-hour cafe for some quieter time with friends. Learn more.


For family fun

The place: Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

The experience: See one of the world’s natural wonders and then take in the light displays that illuminate this Canadian city. Every year the city invites thousands to share in the last moments of 2017 together. Walk to Queen Victoria park for Canada’s largest New Year’s Eve party, an outdoor concert that is broadcast on television coast – to -coast and that features world-renowned performers. Learn more.

The place: Disneyworld, Florida, United States of America

The experience: Could there be any better way to ring in a happy New Year than at the happiest place on earth? The park will be busy but the experience will definitely be memorable. Book a dining experience, like the “Down in New Orleans” experience where you will dine like Tiana from The Princess and the Frog. You can take in outdoor music at Epcot Centre or find the perfect spot to watch the fireworks with your crew. Learn more.

Where will you ring in the New Year?