Travel Blogs & Other Resources

Around the World Families

  • 1 Dad, 1 Kid
    Father and son take on the planet in a slow moving RTW adventure.
  • Wander Mom
    Michelle Duffy and her family have set out on their own world adventure.

Family Travel

  • Best Family Travel Advice
    This site isn’t taking new questions but it’s a great resource if yours has already been asked. The questions were answered by  a group of talented family travel experts and was proud to be among them.
  • Mother of all Trips
    Mara’s posts on family travel around the world will keep you dreaming.
  • Mini-Time
    A great resource for real-parent tested vacations.

General Travel

  • Colleen Friesen: Traveling Light
    Colleen takes her easy going “whatever comes up” approach to life on her travels and now we get to follow along.
  • I’m Black and I Travel
    Greg Gross explores the latest in travel news and experiences in a quest to encourage Black people to get out and see the world.
  • Girl Gone Travel
    Carol shares her family’s adventures from around the world along with insights into culture at this spirited site.
  • Johnny Jet Johnny is a travel phenom with plenty of great tips and insights on travel gadgets and destinations.

Just Great Reads

  • Kathy Buckworth
    She’s a funny mom and writer with a gift for telling it like it is. You read her books and realize someone out there is going through the same things you are. Bonus: She’s just as much fun in real life.
  • The National Nosh
    Amy Rosen, an award-winning food and travel writer dishes on the latest and greatest with the kind of funny that will make wine come through your nose.
  • Wandering Carol
    You’ll recognize Carol’s quirky stories from her traveling solo column in The Toronto Star. Here you get the same voice but her unique insights into art (her family is legendary), spa and writing as well.

Parenting Perspectives

  • Everything Mom
    An online community and lifestyle magazine aimed at helping make moms’ lives easier.
  • Urban Moms
    Canadian moms can find parenting support, travel reviews and tips by yours truly.
  • Wee Welcome
    Have a baby and a life. Great community for moms looking to connect.
  • Where Parents Talk is Canada’s first online community for parents by parents, providing trusted expert advice, tips, and information on the latest news and trends in parenting through multimedia, social media, DVDs, and television.
  • Alyson Schafer
    Alyson is a professional psychotherapist and parenting expert whose tried and true techniques help parents make better parenting decisions. Children confusing you? Chances are Alyson can help make it better.
  • The Mabelhood
    Julie Cole, one of the owners of popular Mabel’s Labels and mother of six, shares parenting tips and tricks along with guest posts from moms who know.
  • Yummy Mummy Club
    I dare you not to become a fan of the site where former Much Music VJ Erica Ehm leads a team of moms and dads who blog the good, bad, ugly, and insightful about life with kids.