I’ve been travelling long enough to know  that I’m a klutz. I know that if a twisted ankle or lost bag can happen, it will happen to me.

I once had a bee sting me in the eye while trekking in the mountains in search of wild gorillas. Read that again in case you missed it.

I was in the jungle with Silverback Gorillas and was felled by a bee sting.

Yup, just that lucky.

Confident gorilla trekking me…before the fall

It’s why I’ve long been a fan of travel insurance.

Over the years, I’ve heard people argue over its usefulness from both sides of the fence. Some say it is unnecessary or a “bet against my best interests,” I’ve always felt differently.

It brings me peace of mind.

Whether you’re pro -travel insurance or not, it would be hasty to rule it out without at least understanding what it is.

It’s why I’m dedicating a few posts this year to sharing Allianz Global Assistance’s insights  into the meaning of some of the terms and concepts that are thrown around in the insurance industry. The more we all understand, the more confident we can be with how travel insurance can help

Through my sponsored Travel Insurance Insights  posts I will seek to share Allianz Global Assistance’s insights into the things that I’ve always wanted to know but have never found the time to figure out.

Ready to learn?

Let’s start with the elephant in the room.

 What Kind of Insurance Do I Need?

According to Allianz Global Assistance Canada  there are two main types of travel insurance.

there are two main types of travel insurance.

Medical Benefits Insurance

This may be the one that most people think of when they think “travel insurance.” What’s covered will vary according to the carrier but in general it tends to cover the “eligible medical costs” for medical emergencies while traveling. Medical Benefits insurance from Allianz Global Assistance offers 24/7  emergency assistance services like pre-trip assistance or round-the-clock emergency travel assistance. Don’t ignore those, according to Allianz Global Assistance, sometimes what’s even more important than the actual medical treatment available to you in a situation is knowing that there’s actually going to be someone you can talk to who will walk you through the process at a time when you may be feeling particularly vulnerable.

Required balancing on a moving vehicle…what could go wrong?

Cancellation Benefits

These are the benefits that are non-medical. According to Allianz Global Assistance, these  are the benefits that cover the types of things that can ruin a trip or cause you to cancel it. You’ll want to know what the cancellation insurance you’re purchasing will cover before you purchase it.

So Which One is Better for You?

Allianz Global Assistance advises that it depends on the trip. Given that my family’s trips are usually quite far and extensive, we usually opt for a plan that combines the two.

My rationale has always been that the point of insurance is to cover the unforeseen. No one goes into a trip knowing they’re going to fall off a Segway and crack their shoulder (me again). And I know that even seemingly less serious things, like lost luggage, can derail vacation plans.

To determine which option is suited to our nees, Allianz Global Assistance always recommends that consumers discuss their insurance needs with a licensed travel insurance advisor.

One well-protected family!

 I’ve just never been the type to cross my fingers and hope that some GoFundMe me money comes through. Especially once we’d had the kids, I found that I’d much rather rest easy knowing that when the unexpected happens we are set up to have the support we need.

In any event if you’re considering travel insurance, which the Government of Canada recommends you do, be sure to consult with a licensed travel insurance advisor.

Travel insurance does not cover everything. For full terms and conditions, including limitations and exclusions, always read your policy document. Allianz Global Assistance is a registered business name of AZGA Service Canada Inc. and AZGA Insurance Agency Canada Ltd.

This post is sponsored by Allianz Global Assistance (AZGA Service Company) and I have received financial compensation; or:  I am a brand ambassador for Allianz Global Assistance (Canada) and receive financial compensation.