I can still remember the fear that piped through my veins as I sat in the waiting room with my husband. Out of nowhere, my typically healthy spouse had developed severe neck pain and it was quickly worsening. Fearing the worst, we decided to take no chances. We grabbed our things and headed to the nearest medical clinic. No big deal except that we were in Florida.

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Travel Insurance| Peace of Mind

Canadians have long held a strong fear of American healthcare. Stories of the costs that are associated with everything from a Tylenol tablet to childbirth, leave most Canadians grateful for the options we have at home. With every trip across the border comes the terrifying recognition that should an accident or healthcare crisis occur, the costs could be financially debilitating. I understood that and it’s one of the reasons I’ve always made sure we had travel insurance.

Having kids only increased my concern about healthcare abroad. When they were younger,  it seemed like my kids didn’t encounter a virus they didn’t think they’d like to try. If they were prone to ear infections, flus and weird hives at home, you’d better believe it was going to happen when we travelled.

But, despite the fact that I’d always purchased travel insurance, when the moment came to use it I was at a loss. How did I make sure that I was making decisions in line with my insurance coverage? Was it possible I’d be left with a bill despite the coverage? And had I even purchased the right type?

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Travel Insurance | Partnership with Allianz Global Assistance (Canada)

Years later, I have a better understanding of my travel insurance options, but I’m still learning. That’s why I have agreed to partner with Allianz Global Assistance (Canada)  to learn, and share, more about the ins and outs of travel insurance.  Their Canadian operations, which celebrated their 30th anniversary this year, supports over 8 million Canadians when they travel.  Our common goal is to help readers understand the importance and nuances of travel insurance – no matter which travel insurance partner you choose.

Each month, I’ll be sharing information aimed at helping you make more informed travel insurance decisions. To that end, I’d love to hear from you about your travel insurance questions and concerns. Do you buy travel insurance for your trips? Why or why not? Have you ever had to use it? Share your stories. Together we can make sure that our travels aren’t ruined by worry about what might happen.  As I learned in that waiting room, you should never have to choose between seeking medical attention and your wallet.

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Disclaimer:  I am a brand ambassador for Allianz Global Assistance (Canada) and receive financial compensation for these posts. As always, all information shared is my own opinion.

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