Use your Points: Travel Rewards = Winter Travel Getaways

It’s November, many of us have already had the first snowfall (or two…sorry Buffalo) and the malls are decked out in their holiday finest.

I’ve already had to shake my fist in a mall parking lot, slipped on a pool of water left behind from a child’s boot in the hallway and caught myself singing the carols.

It’s time people.

It’s time to book a getaway.

Travel Rewards

Sometimes leaving before things go from happy & jolly to all “bah humbug” is exactly what the season demands.

But what’s a girl with low funds to do?  Cash in the points.

You’ve earned them buying holiday gifts. You’ve justified them as you pulled out your credit card for that pack of gum.

And according to a recent TD survey more than 80 per cent of Canadians are members of at least one travel rewards program.

Now’s the time to use them.

Why now? The Four “P’s”…


Use Your Points | Travel Rewards

1. Plan

Planning ahead will save you time and money: Chances are you aren’t the only one itching to get to the sun and sand this month. Use your travel rewards to book early and you’ll have a better shot at the destination and flights you’re after.

2.  Perks

Using your travel rewards credit card to book your tickets can mean additional benefits you hadn’t considered including travel insurance coverage, concierge services and airline perks. That’s right using your points can actually save you money beyond the tickets themselves.


Travel Rewards

Following the four P’s of travel reward redemption will get you here…faster. And THAT’s a good thing.

3. Plenty

You’ve been good all year. You’ve pulled out your travel rewards credit card at the grocer, dentist and mall and you’ve got the points to prove it. Why not share the wealth? You’d be joining the  30 per cent of Canadians who say they share their travel points with family and friends. Treat a friend or family member to a getaway and you’re certain to remain on the nice list.
4. Pick

Points aren’t just about getting on a plane. Maybe what you need comes in the form or a night away from home to recover from the stress that is inevitable at this time of year. Or maybe it’s a special outing to perk your spirits. 70 per cent of Canadians say that earning travel points is one of the best ways to make trips more accessible and affordable. Use your earned travel rewards to book hotel stays at the swanky place you’re always passing downtown or to book that activity that you might not otherwise: skydiving anyone?

The point (*pun alert*) is that making your holidays sunshine-y and bright is just a redemption plan away. My advice? Consider your options soon, well before the holiday parking lot rage takes over.


Disclosure: This post was subsidized in part by TD. As always all examples and opinions are my own.