There comes a moment in a round the world trip with your family when you have to make a decision.

Do you squeeze in a trip to Dublin even if it will mean you get less than 48 hours in the city or do you stick with your plan and hang out in Wales.

There isn’t a wrong answer. Just a decision to be made.

And in the spring of 2012, after much debate, hemming and hawing,  and promising each other we’d definitely be back, we chose Wales.

Fast forward a year and a bit, and Ireland is knocking again.

This time the reasons to say yes were even bigger.


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The Travel Bloggers Exchange is a community of travelers who share their experiences through blogs that span the globe. This is a fierce bunch of passionate travel-loving people whose reasons for blogging are varied and whose photos and tales always leave you longing to get to where they’ve been.

Next month, on October 3 and 4, they’re gathering in Ireland and Ish and I will be there.

I’ve been invited to speak at the conference and can’t wait to add to the knowledge that will be shared by such incredible and inspiring speakers as Johnny Jet, Carol Cain, Gary Arndt, Katja PresnalLola Akinmade Akerstrom , and so many others.

While we’re there we’ll check out the 2014 European city of culture (Limerick), explore the historic year of The Gathering  and do our best to learn the words to all the Irish pub favourites.

In fact, if there’s something you think we must do to prepare or that we must make sure we don’t miss, we’d love your advice in the comments.

Bring it on Ireland. We’ll be ready!


Join me at TBEX