I’m just back from Las Vegas. I’ve been before (twice actually) and that first visit is still fresh enough in my mind that I can remember how much I detested the idea of the place.

Vegas Night

The lights of Vegas

“What was there to like?” I remember thinking.

“I’m not interested in smoky gambling pits or Celine Dion.”

But then I went and I discovered amazing spas, the fantastic theatre and hotel rooms that put most others to shame.

It wasn’t until I went, to the place I thought I detested, that I changed my mind.

Same thing happened to me with cruising. “Who would want to spend days trapped on a floating buffet?” I asked semi-rhetorically.

Turns out. I would.

Great restaurants, plenty of entertainment, excursions that kept me entertained and relaxed and spas that were impressive to say the least.

Do you see where I’m going with this?

Nope not the spa thing the other bit…about thinking you hate something that it turns out ain’t half bad.

It’s funny how the things we think we know for sure can change.

It’s why I love travel. We can head out on an adventure certain of what is waiting for us only to land somewhere, speak to the people and quickly realize we actually had no idea what it was all about.

When’s the last time you opened yourself up to something you thought you knew for sure?

Maybe, the time to challenge your beliefs is now. You won’t know what you’re missing til you do.