The trip that came closest to living up to my ideal for a family trip with toddlers was the one I took to Italy in 2005.

Kids in Italy

Bambinos get lots of attention in Italy, which means Mamas get lots of help

My guys were only 11 months and 3 years old then.

And though the trip wasn’t without its trials (a bottle of milk spilled in the backseat of a small car on a hot day in rural Italy does not for good smells make…), watching Ethan kick a ball above the vineyards with his dad while Cameron crawled around exploring outside the little apartment we’d rented in Tuscany, still ranks as one of my most prized moments.

Italy 2005, Tuscany

Our Italian family adventure in 2005 still holds warm memories.

I’d wanted to go to Italy for most of my life and I was finally there. It was magical.

Over the years I’ve returned many times. Sometimes as part of a  press group. Sometimes off a cruise ship. And sometimes with even more family.

Each time, the magic of the place has swept me off my feet all over again. And the food? Mama Mia!


This week I head over yet again.

This time, it’s a new-to-me destination. I’ll spend most of my time in the Lombardy region (Why hello! Milan!) exploring the area’s UNESCO World Heritage sites, intoxicating culture and delicious regional foods.

The icing on my Italian cake? I’ll spend a day in the  Emilia-Romagna region where I’ll have a chance to explore the museums and try my hand at making gelato!

Italy Gelato

Can’t wait to reunite with my old friends. I’m talking about the Gelato! ;)


I’m not just going to gelato school, I’m headed to University! This is the place where Canadian success story James Coleridge honed his craft leading to his top ranking (and our family favourite) spot Bella Gelateria in Vancouver, BC! I’ll spend some time at Gelato University in the hopes of learning a thing or two and I plan to share (my  knowledge not my cones!) here on the blog and across social media.

gelato bella gelateria

Hanging with James at Bella Gelateria in BC.

This time, I won’t be with my family or my kids, but I will be hanging out with a few writers and bloggers that have me excited about 10 days in a country I’ve loved forever with the freedom to explore it as I please. You can follow their adventures and mine on social media through the following hashtags: #blogville or #InLombardy

Bring on the elastic-waist pants and even more junk in the trunk! Viva Italia!

Have you been to Italy? Any  ideas about things I need to see or do (read: EAT)? Share them in the comments below and I’ll take a look/try (READ: taste)  for both of us. :)


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