WE Day Rocks: Toronto 2014

Have you been to We Day? Well, I went last month and I’m going to show you what it was like with some pictures and writing. First, I will talk about how you get to We Day 2014 and what happens, then who I met there, and last what Empowerment is.WE Day 2014


Get there | WE Day 2014

So, you can’t buy a ticket to We Day 2014. You have to earn it by doing good deeds for the environment (like We Bake For Change) or helping with charities like Me to We. You can also be invited if you’re media – like I was. WE Day 2014There’s lots of security for We Day. Don’t try sneaking in!  You have to write your name and reserve everything… well most of it.  It’s fun being at We Day so if you did a good deed you’ll feel GREAT at We Day. WE Day 2014

Great Performers and Speakers | WE Day 2014

It’s almost like school but way more fun.  You get to eat whenever you want, also you see people like Craig Keilburger, Mark Keilburger, Hannah Alper, WE Day 2014Chris Hadfield… WE Day 2014and Headley!

It was AWESOME. Kardinall Ofishall sang the WE Day Song…

And when the bell rings we do the We Day DANCE:).

What happens at We Day?  Well LOTS!  We do the We Day Dance – cross over,  headlights  snap clap and boogie. We sing along with Headley and others. We eat food. We get Rafiki bracelets for your friends.WE Day 2014

Empowerment |WE Day 2014

You learn about empowerment (I’ll explain that in a minute.)   You also get a bag with a special cookie cutter!

Now let’s talk about Empowerment. Empowerment  makes you feel stronger (like you’ve got power) and is something that encourages  you to make a change.  That’s why they made charities  – so they can encourage kids and adults to Make a change in the world. That’s why so many people come to We Day because We Day is empowering every age group To make a change in the world

WE Day 2014There are different types of empowerment like economical empowerment, material empowerment, spiritual empowerment, educational  empowerment  and occupational empowerment.

I hope you’ve learned from this post.  Try to go to WE DAY soon.  Thanks for reading my post. See you soon. Bye.WE Day

 Globetrotting Mama Note: Even if you didn’t get to experience WE Day Toronto first hand this year, you can still get a feeling for all the fun. The event will be broadcast on MTV on November 11, 2014 at 8EST/5PST