Ok. I give. Everyone has been saying for years now that a blog is the way to go. In fact, NOT blogging has become the equivalent of using an Abacus to do math. Or using phones with cords. Or dial-up internet. It’s a symbol of how old you are and how un-with it you’ve become. Given that the number on my birth certificate in no way matches the age of my spirit, I figured I’d give it go.

So I’m here. Ready to share my travel musings with the world. But where to start?

An intro seems appropriate.

I’m a 30-something mom whose first love was writing until she met her second love, Ish who she married and then who, by process of elimination, became her first love. Then came two kids. The E and the C. A legal career, the end of a legal career and a return to the first first love even though the true love is still in the picture.

Still with me?

I write for a living. And I travel too.

I’m a mom who is madly in love with her kids and can’t wait to show them the whole wide world, but isn’t afraid to leave them behind for quality time with her husband or herself.

I love a good story and I find that people are generally amusing even when they’re crazy (especially then actually) and I like that.

When I’m home I’m usually struggling to get it all together. In a house full of boys, I preserve my sanity with trips out of town, secret stashes of chocolate and an office with a door I can close.

It’s my hope that this blog will inspire you to travel too.

In this space  I’ll share some of the moments on the road that may not always make it into one of my columns or features. I’ll point you to tips and gear that I’ve personally found makes life easier and post the day-to-day adventures that give us all reason to want to get away.   I’ll also bring you along as I plan for my family’s dream trip: A one-year journey around the globe scheduled to start in July 2011.

You, my new found internet friends will be privy to it all, straight from the horse’s mouth (that’s me).

Let me know if it gets too scary.