We’ve been away this week. The four of us joined a G Adventures family tour to Costa Rica and it has been a week filled with adventure and excitement.


The boys and I have paddle boarded and kayaked and surfed.


DSC_0130We’ve traipsed through the cloud forest and bungee jumped.


We’ve spotted sloths with three toes and two. We’ve hung out under white-faced monkeys and howler monkeys and stood in awe at the sight of soaring Scarlet Macaws. We’ve soared through the trees on a wire – some with more confidence than others.


And we’ve made friends we’ll have for years to come.



It has been an amazing trip.

And it has been a reminder.

The 130-foot jump I wasn’t planning on doing.

No matter how incredible the last trip was, the next trip is waiting to blow you away again.


Whether you’re away for a year or a week, there are memories waiting to be had as long as you’re willing to make them.

The  world is waiting. What’s your excuse? ;)