What to eat in Japan

When it comes to playing with your food, I’m not sure anyone does it better than Japan. On our recent visit we had a chance to try a whole host of new-to-us treats. We shared a few of them with the folks at Smarter Travel. Here’s a peek.

Japanese Foods Worth Traveling For

These Japan snacks combine eyebrow-raising ingenuity, delicious bites, and some slightly questionable choices for unique eats that are well worth the plane ride—and they deliver photo-op moments that are social media perfection.

Lucky Pierrot’s Squid Burger

Japan Lucky Pierrot

The oversized chairs and unique menus at Lucky Pierrot in Hakodate make it a local favourite.  Cameron loved them. He shares other Japanese favourites on his YouTube Channel

There may be a clown mascot out front, but this is no McDonalds. Lucky Pierrot’s cult following ran the golden arches out of town years ago. When that fast food craving strikes, head to the city of Hakodate—the only place in the world where you’ll find the beloved restaurant chain’s squid burgers.  Along with squid you’ll find a host of fast food options, including the bestselling Chinese Chicken Burger (Think General Tao chicken on a bun).

Silent Ramen for One

Ramen for 1 - Japan -Foods Worth Travelling for

Introverts rejoice! This Ramen bar lets you slurp in solitude.

Sometimes you just want to slurp your Ramen without the prying eyes of neighbouring tables. That’s no problem at the Ichiran Hondori shop in Hiroshima. Customers punch their order into a vending machine, grab their numbered ticket, and sit in a stool at the corresponding booth. Each is shuttered on both sides so that you never need make eye contact with your neighbour, and even your food is delivered with a healthy respect for your personal space: The bamboo curtain in front of you rises and your steaming bowl is quickly delivered before the divider falls shut again. It’s an introvert’s delight.

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