It’s been over a year since we came home and we still haven’t bought a car. We came close a few times but each time something or someone has stopped us from biting the bullet.  I know that us not buying the car is as much about the war I continue to fight in myself to acclimatize and not acclimatize to being back. But the fact is that we need a car.

And so the search continues.

Our latest tester was the Hyundai Elantra GT.


Similar to the push-pull emotions I’ve been feeling about committing to a car, are the ones I’ve had over whether I need something bigger or smaller.  The Elantra GT definitely gets me thinking that smaller might be the kind of zip I’m after although the practical part of me likes the idea of something big enough to handle mega roadtrips and double as sleeping quarters.

The boys, Cameron in particular, liked the Elantra GT too. And when I mentioned that I’d like to do a video review, he stepped right up.

Here’s his take:

Just the facts:

We drove: 2013 Elantra GT SE with Tech

Engine 1.8L DOHC

MSRP: $26,349

For more information visit: