Recently I was a guest on Michael Patrick Shiels in the Morning. The Detroit-based radio show is heard on 10 radio stations across Michigan.  I met Michael Patrick on a trip to Dubai years agscene sparkling hill and we got re-acquainted recently on the media voyage of the Disney Dream. Then a few days ago he came across a story I wrote in the February issue of Hemispheres magazine on the Cold Spa at Sparkling Hills Resort.He invited me to be on his show and the rest as they say is radio history. :)

Once I’d explained how the cold spa works ( including the need to cover all your digits, remove all jewelery and wear as little as possible)  MPS’s number one question for me was “why?” I realized that to fully understand the benefits people might need more of the story.

Here’s the first-person piece I did for The Toronto Star

Still not convinced?

Try it! Believe me if someone who hates snow and ice as much as I do thinks it works, it works!

When you’re not cold sauna-ing it up, you can enjoy some of the other (warmer) benefits like those in the photos below.



Sparkling Hill Resort's steam and sauna area in the Kur Spa

bedroom sparkling hill

Room with a View