This may be our first 30-day roadtrip across the USA but it isn’t our first trip to this country.

Like many Canadians, we’ve long considered our neighbours to the South an easy and affordable vacation destination.

The one thing that had threatened to put a wrinkle in that plan were roaming charges.

I’ve been the victim of a “data roaming” button turned on in the USA. I’ve been the woman begging and pleading for a bill thousands of dollars huge to be forgiven by a provider and I’ve had to *gasp*  not share photos of my meals  while out at the restaurant but…wait until I was back in my free WiFi room.

The horror.

Imagine not being able to share this jambalaya risotto with the world until hours after it was eaten?!? That's no way to live!

Imagine not being able to share this jambalaya risotto with the world until hours after it was eaten?!? That’s no way to live!

That was until I discovered Roam. I’ve now had a SIM with them for about a year. I love it.

I can change my phone number as I like, top up my plan and chat, text and share freely right from my phone. I can also use my phone as a personal hotspot and use it with my laptop in places where I don’t have free WiFi. And I know exactly what I’m paying every time… less than $4 per day.

It’s not perfect. I’ve found on this trip that there are spots with limited coverage or non at all across the USA but I knew that heading out.  It’s important that you check over the coverage map to see where you will have strong/partner coverage so you are aware before you head out on a road trip like mine.

Then, if you need it, you can purchase the Enhanced Coverage add-on, you’ll get unlimited text messages plus 20 talk minutes and 10MB of data per day. For example, if you’re going for 7 days and add Enhanced Coverage to a Talk+Text+Data plan, you’ll get unlimited text messages, 140 talk minutes and 70MB of data to use while in an Enhanced Coverage area. This is all pooled together so it comes all at once.

You can check coverage of your whole trip by clicking the “My Places” tab on the top right of the coverage checker. This is a great tool for mapping out road trips.

The combination has made staying in touch easier than ever.

And now ( thanks to the good people at Roam Mobility) you can try it too.We’ll give away two (2) seven-day talk+text+data sim cards. All you need is an unlocked phone and you’re good to go. Once the seven days are up you can keep the Sim and add to it as you like whenever you’re in the US or Mexico!

Good luck and happy Roam-ing! Enter to win below.

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