Where in the World is Heather? A look at Heather Greenwood Davis' latest travel writing. GlobetrottingMama.com

The biggest non-secret you’ll hear on this site today: I love travel. I always have. Second biggest: I love writing. Always have. And yet, the thought that I could combine the two into a career only occurred to me about 14 years ago.

Since then I’ve had the pleasure of bumping into many of you in various corners of the world, and even more of you online. I’m so grateful that you often choose to check in on my adventures and ideas with your valuable time. And I’m always jazzed when I hear how many of you have started adventures of your own as a result.

Yay you!

I document my travel adventures in so many different ways and places that I’m realizing that many of you may not even realize that something I’ve written that might be helpful is already out there. So this week, I thought I’d share some of the pieces currently making their way around the web, social, newsprint and more. I’d love for you to take a peek at my stuff, but also take a moment and look at what others are doing in these incredible spaces. I pick the places I contribute to very carefully. I’m proud to be associated with all of these:

Life in Pleasantville

The site: Candace Derickx and her team of insightful people share all kinds of tips, gripes, recipes and laughable moments on this site devoted to creating a happier life.

My piece: My latest article on Life In Pleasantville, a lifestyle blog, frees you from some of those New Year’s Resolutions. Are they still happening anyway? Let me show you the way to a total resolution collapse.

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National Geographic

The Site: If you aren’t already reading National Geographic in one way or another you are seriously missing out. From stories that take you to far-flung places to photos that will leave you drooling, the staple in travel writing is a must.

My piece: I’m proud to be a frequent contributor to the publication. In the April issue of the magazine you can find my story about straying from you well thought out plans and online you can read my tips on how you can get your kids excited about travel.

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Smarter Travel

The Site: Smarter Travel shares a wide-range of articles and tips from a talented pool of writers around the world.

My piece: In my most recent article, I offer up some reasons for American travellers to come north of the border and experience Canada. I

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The Toronto Star

The Toronto Star: The Toronto Star is Canada’s highest circulation daily newspaper with two Travel sections produced each week along with a brand new tablet app that allows you to dive even deeper online.

My piece: In a recent story I describe my family’s culinary adventure at Viamede Resort in Ontario. I take a look at the dining experience offered at this unique resort, which takes a true farm to table approach to creating food with soul.

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The Social

The site: The Social is CTV’s runaway afternoon talk show hit. The daily show covers a wide array of topics and is now available in select city’s across the United States.

My segment: I’ve been sharing regular travel tips on the show. One of recent spots offers some top honeymoon destinations in 2016. Whether you are planning a wedding, or just need a romantic getaway, these are the go to getaways for a vacation of your dreams.

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