Your Guide to the Short Vacation on Globetrotting Mama

We aren’t exactly known for our shorter trips – a year of traveling around the world will do that to you – but you’d be wrong if you thought we weren’t big on short vacations. Not every trip can be a whirlwind, life-changing experience. Sometimes you just need a few days away for some  couple time over a weekend, to unwind in a fascinating country after a conference or for an impromptu getaway as a family when winter feels way too long.

Summer is a great time for the short vacation. Whether planning in advance, or heading out on a whim, here are four of our favourite short vacation destinations:

Las Vegas, Nevada (and check out my guide to Las Vegas for the Non-Gambler).

Stratford, Ontario (it made my list of top vacation spots for romance).

Tofino, BC (here’s my guide to Tofino)

Toronto, Ontario (and if you live there, try a staycation at a local hotel!)

Short vacations are often synonymous with last-minute travel. There are a few key tips to perfecting the art of the fast escape! Tips like …

  • Sign up for alerts from your favourite deal sites and travel partners, so when the feeling hits you you can access the right itinerary;
  • Go for easy: All-inclusive trips that offer you package pricing and the ease of having everything included for example;
  • Be prepared to make a fast decision; there won’t be much time for contemplating your options. Sometimes you have to grab last minute deals, or follow where your whim takes you;
  • Don’t forget your research. Get a quick snapshot of your destination using travel sites like TripAdvisor;
  • Be open to what can happen, and where the trip will take you. Last minute travel and short vacations are best suited for times when you can be flexible with your destination, where you stay and what you do.

Happy (short) travels!