Life Lessons

We’re talking about OUR kids and that always makes for cloudier judgment. Our natural instinct to want to protect them and save them from any possible harm is a reality. I get that. So what to do?

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Find your YOLO travel spirit

Every single time we hit the road this year we came home smiling. There were bumps, there always are, but the net effect of heading out with the family and friends was always the same...Joy. Choosing a philosophy of YOLO travel has yet to fail us.


I’m not Brave

There is a common misconception floating around that big life changes require incredible acts of bravery. It's not true.


We find travel so inspiring... and so are these top ten quotes that we think are the best travel quotes of all time. Read on and then share your own!


An afternoon of learning and sharing with the US Travel Association for Project Time Off turns out to be a reminder that we all need to live more fully.

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Erin from Travel With Bender shares some of her family travel road trip secrets in this chat with Globetrotting Mama Heather Greenwood Davis.


Every so often while looking for a photo for a post or story, I am reminded of all the stupid things I've done. And that's when I realize that there is not one of them that I regret.