One Last Summer Travel Hurrah

The perfect travel season is about to wrap up, but that doesn't mean you can't have one last hurrah of summer. Here's a Niagara vacation itinerary, as well as tips for enjoying Toronto.

Lessons from our #Expedia RoadTrip

There’s something about setting a goal that seems insurmountable and then taking the steps to make it happen that really resonates with me. We did that with our yearlong trip around the world. We did it again with our recent 30-day Road Trip.

Our Road Trip Tales Series ends with this Kick Ass interview with Kick Ass Road Trip company founder Eric. Find out more about this great company he has created for adventure-seeking travellers.

Road Trip Tales: Jo-Anne Wallace

We're still on the road, and sharing stories from our friends. The Road Trip Tales series continues with this interview with Jo-Anne Wallace.

Road Trip Tales: Theresa Albert

Join us on the road with nutrition expert and author Theresa Albert. She shares what not to pack for snacks and her own memories from the road!

Big things are happening in the backseat of the Chevrolet Canada Equinox we've been driving for this 30-day road trip. Introducing The Backseat Chronicles by GlobeBros Ethan and Cameron Davis.

Road Trip Tales: Alison Burke

Globetrotting Mama chats with PR maven Alison Burke about her experiences on the road. The Road Trip Tales series continues.