Enjoy an animal-loving vacation in the Galápagos Islands, get fit in Antigua or head to music-lovers paradise, Nashville. Here's our travel features for this week.

When you want sun and sand and relaxation, head to the Caribbean and soak it all in. Antigua is a beautiful destination. Here's my guide plus a look at the resort Curtain Bluff.

I loved visiting the Galápagos Islands and recommend this destination to many people looking for family travel adventure. Here I share some fast facts about this amazing part of the world, where you can witness some truly amazing animals.

CFRB The Night Side, Us & Oprah

Heather Greenwood Davis chats with CFRB The NightSide host Barb DiGiulio about being included in "O's Little Book of Happiness," traveling with family and changing courses in life when the first path isn't working.

Craving a little sun and sand? We are! We've rounded up three travel deals so you can hit the beaches of Mexico and Maui or a cruise along the Panama Canal!

Travel with grandparents and enjoy some precious bonding time. Intergenerational travel is a great way to strengthen relationships and create lasting memories. I'm sharing my experiences.

#GlobetrotWed : Yellowknife, Canada

Yellowknife, Canada is the reason I no longer smirk when people describe Canada in terms of its gorgeous, wild scenery. It's true. I've seen it.