Couples Travel

I cross the US border for professional and leisure travel often. And over the years I’ve come to realize that there are key things I can do to make it all easier on my wallet.


Need an excuse for a romantic getaway? May is Date Your Mate Month! This edition of our Travel Deals post features romantic getaways for the ultimate date: long days away.


Summer Camp for Adults

Kids shouldn’t have all the fun at sleep-away camp. There are learning and getaway opportunities for adults who want to re-live their days roasting marshmallows, learning a new skill and making new and lasting friendships. We've rounded up some great picks.


Go green this year and visit the emerald isle. You will be rewarded with majestic sights, friendly people and interesting museums and historic sites. Here's our travel guide to what to do in Ireland.


The show might be over but you can live in the footsteps of your favourite characters. Take a Downton Abbey inspired tour of England with our list of key sites.


To ski or ride a camel, explore a volcano or one of the world’s most exciting theme parks, what kind of adventure do you want to get up to? Let these travel deals and destinations inspire you.

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