Couples Travel

One way or another though, this has to be handled . The rat's nest isn't the same without her.


The news is grim. Fear of travel is high. There are bad people out there.
You should still go.


There are two ways to approach March Break:

1. Embrace the family time and plot out a week of together time

2. Run away
I present some options.

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While the amount of travel review options out there can be overwhelming, I know first hand from our RTW travel experience that it can make a huge difference in the outcome of your trip. But how do you decide which review to trust? Here are some of the guidelines I use to help narrow the options.


Group Travel as a Couple

On a recent trip to Ireland I did two things that could have spelled disaster.

I traveled with a group.

I brought along my spouse.


Loads to Love in Limerick

People told us that Limerick wasn't worth a visit on our trip to Ireland. They were so wrong. Here are just a few of the reasons we'd go back in a heartbeat.


Thankful for your friends, family and health? Of course you are. In an effort to raise our travel karma, this year travellers should add a few more things to their Thanksgiving list of reasons to be grateful.