You can wait until you board that last flight home and peek at the customs form, or you can bookmark this page and be able to check before you buy that mega-gallon jug of wine abroad.

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I asked teachers, under the promise of anonymity, and they shared how they really feel about kids missing school for family vacations. This morning I shared some of their thoughts with Marci Ien on Canada AM.


How hard do you work to keep things even amongst your kids? Do you buy two of things to make sure no one is left out? What would you do if one was more talented than the other? How far do you go to keep things fair?


There are many perks to the travel lifestyle I live and good food is one of them.

So what's a travel lover to do? Fit pro Tommy Europe weighs in with some tips for travellers.


The fine against this family irks me if only for the fact that at its core, a rule/law that suggests that a parent can't take their child out of school is an affront to my rights to parent.


While the amount of travel review options out there can be overwhelming, I know first hand from our RTW travel experience that it can make a huge difference in the outcome of your trip. But how do you decide which review to trust? Here are some of the guidelines I use to help narrow the options.


My responsibility to my children, as I see it, isn't to push them along the path that we've been told is the only path available but to equip them with the tools that will make for fulfilling lives.
I don't want my kids to have a high school diploma, a university degree or a big house in a good neighbourhood unless they want those things for themselves.