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Jerry Stark

One of the greatest things about the job I do is the inspiring people I get to meet along the way. Jerry Stark was one of those people. Stark – all 6-foot-plus, 200-pounds-plus of him – made an impression on me from the start. The man who looked like he should be a linebacker, was a champion Croquet player and loving every minute of it. Our encounter was brief but he remains among one of my most favourite interviews. He was a man doing what he loved with great success even when everything about him suggested it wouldn’t be his game.The story I wrote for the Toronto Star went on to win an award from the United States Croquet Association. A few days ago I received a note from Meadowood Resort announcing Jerry’s passing. He was a fun guy and I’m sorry I won’t have a chance to play with him again. My condolences go out to his family. Here’s the story as it appeared in The Toronto Star on Sat May 13 2006. Rest in Peace Jerry. Man in white is a big hit on croquet court By Heather Greenwood Davis Homes and Travel Reporter St. Helena, Calif.—Before I…

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Family Travel

Post-Canada Day Ottawa still has plenty to offer

Published On Tue Jul 06 2010 The Toronto Star Dressing up at Pirates Adventures on Mooney’s Bay in Ottawa is just one great way for a family to enjoy the nation’s capital. Heather Greenwood Davis/For the Toronto Star By Heather Greenwood Davis OTTAWA — I’ve never seen anything like it. The pomp. The circumstance. The pageantry. Canada Day in the Nation’s capital rivals the biggest celebrations on the planet when it comes to we-are-the-best boasting and patriotic chants. It was so-un-Canadian! It was awesome. And when it was over you could see the hunger in the eyes and fading tattoo flags on cheeks of newbies like myself who had hoped that the excitement of the day might last just a little bit longer. What would Ottawa be like when the seas of people dressed in red and white went back to corporate life? Turns out it is still pretty incredible. While the flag may not be the outfit of choice for your teen everyday and while, yes it is time (and I am talking to you lone wolf) to remove the flag painted on your face, my family found that the summer time in Ottawa still has plenty to offer….

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