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Introducing: Dressed to Travel

Introducing: Dressed to Travel I’m starting something new here on the site: I’m talking about Dresses. Thanks to more than 3 years (!!!) of appearances on The Social on CTV (along with other great shows) and a rediscovered love of speaking at events, not to mention required attendance at some “high-er fashion required” outings, I’ve found myself in a situation where my typical track pants and t-shirt attire would be frowned upon. Luckily, I have surrounded myself with style makers! Dressed to Travel | #MoPickedIt The best fashion find is a fashion find-ing friend. For years Maureen Dennis has seen my wardrobe and raked me (and my favourite “but it’s comfortable!” items) over the coals. For a long time, every dress that received a rave review online was one she had picked for me. Now, I can share our successes! And in recent years, I’ve had new partners in the fashion space including Rent Frock Repeat stylists who are great at helping me choose things that both fit my ample Jamaican-Canadian frame (aka “so much junk that the trunk can hardly close”) and look good while doing so. All of this to say that my outfit choices are getting better….

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It’s Frightful Out There: Get On Board with Halloween Travel

Halloween Travel Ideas on

There is nothing wrong with getting your Halloween chills in a new-to-you destination. Why not take an opportunity to get scared in a different part of the world? Trick-or-treat in the sweetest place on earth, or get cosy with a few bats in Barbados. Lots of thrilling good times on our list of Halloween destinations.

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