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Eat. Pray. Love? Nah… just Eat

Pizza server Napoli

The first time I read Eat, Pray Love – the Elizabeth Gilbert book that has gone on to launch a feverish array of vacations and products – I got lost in the “Eat.” That section focused on Gilbert’s determination to learn Italian in Italy and to give up on the North American focus on the size of her waist and focus instead on really enjoying the food, culture and lifestyle of a passionate country. Later in the book she would also dive  into meditation and chanting in India (Pray) and eventually the ability to share her life and love again (Love) in Bali but when it was over all I remembered was the eat. I love food. Seriously. And though I’m a poor cook, I make chefs blush with my ability to dig in and enjoy a good meal. And so, true confession, when the opportunity came to watch the movie a few weeks ago, I really could have gotten up and left after she finished in Italy and been happy. While others drooled over James Franco, her love interest, or the stunning scenery, I was focused on the way her knife sliced through the stuffed zucchini flower so that…

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Take tots to Europe? Absolutely

Kids in Italy

Published On Sat Jun 24 2006 in The Toronto Star By Heather Greenwood Davis Search the Internet for advice on taking a vacation in Europe with kids under the age of five and you’re likely to find three words: Don’t do it. Article after article will tell you how hard it will be and that you should wait until they are “old enough.” And in a lot of ways they are right. Simply traveling with an infant from home to the neighbour can require more bags than a solo trip to the most remote part of the Outback. But let’s face it, outside of the playroom at McDonald’s and the babysitter’s place, there are few places in the world that are easy to bring your toddlers. “So,” Amie O’Shaughnessy asks, “why not Italy? O’Shaughnessy is one of the few yay-sayers on the Web. After taking her own son on a vacation to Europe as a toddler she saw the need for a travel planner who could offer specific insights into how to make the trip work with young children in tow. After an initial scouting trip to Italy on her own in 2003, she took her then 13-month-old son Devon…

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