extended travel

Like many parents I sent my two back to school this morning.

But this year was different.


As much as I'd like to encourage everyone to get up and get out there, a recent flight reminded me that there are those people who as soon as you meet them you realize should never leave their home country again. Nix that, their home. It's because they make travel so much more difficult for the rest of us. So if you fall into this list, I'm talking to you. Stop. And if you can't, then at least stop travelling. 1. The entitled recliner: Congratulations!  You've discovered your seat can recline! And despite your four foot frame have also decided continue reading...


If you've been thinking about around the world or long term travel with your kids, you've likely considered whether your kids are the right age or if it will be too difficult to re-integrate them when they're home. We've been there and back. Here's what we did and what worked well.


Heather’s 100 days

100 days later and there are fewer questions.


A lot of you are asking for more information on where we'll be when. Here's how our plans are shaking out this week


With just over  6 weeks to go before we head off on our Dream Trip, it's time to get down to the nitty gritty. First up: Where are we going? This has been one of the hardest questions to answer. Just imagine: one year of your life to go wherever you want! Where do you even begin? The truth is that while there are a few spots in the world that have tugged at our hearts and demanded our attention from the beginning, we'd happily stop in almost every country if we could swing it. Our limitations are time and continue reading...


The temptation to pick up a trinket every time you leave home is strong. The "what-didja-bring-mes" that used to greet me as soon as I walked through the door are a testament to years of me doing exactly that. Then I stopped and started focusing on memories instead. Sometimes the memories live in a tangible object. There’s the mask we bought from the carver after asking our guide to take us up into a less touristy part of Thailand, the hats we paid too much for in Peru because we saw the babies the money would help to feed and continue reading...